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June Discussion Week

After 4 weeks of thought-provoking talks, we sat down around tables this morning and discussed some related questions.

For a lighthearted introduction, our first question of the day was inspired not only by Mr Bean, but by the recent collaborative morning at Q in which Kev explored the various ways we can wake up, literally and spiritually.

"If you could wake up anywhere, where would you want to wake up?"

After reminding ourselves of the hypothesis that Jenny shared in the talk The Backdrop, we asked:

Jenny's hypothesis is that we live in a Christ-soaked world. What questions does this raise?

In his message about Minority Reports, Rob explained how the word Orthodox originates from the words Ortho (Right/Correct) and Dox (Opinion/Belief). We all have a tendency to believe that our perspective is the correct opinion but our next question invites us to consider the Minority Reports we've encountered - ideas that have contradicted the commonly help perspectives or popular narratives we've held dear.

What have been your experiences of minority reports?

Following on from her recent talk about emotions, Clare invited us to consider the darker side of our feelings, asking

What emotions do you avoid and why?

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