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Minority Report

We began the morning with these lyrics:

"You stumble through your a zombie in a maze, you're asleep inside but you can shake awake."

We are on a quest each week to become aware of and explore how we can live a life that is more conscious, more free and more full.

Rob shares a story about how he found himself having a minority opinion at a concert.

In the movie Minority Report, a futuristic police department called Pre-crime uses the premonitions of Pre-cognitives to arrest criminals before they've committed their crimes. In this scene, a curious detective seeks to question the seemingly perfect system.

"If there's a flaw, it's human, it always is."

The word Othodoxy comes from the words Ortho (correct) and doxy (beliefs). Christian orthodoxy is the idea that there is a set of correct beliefs that must be followed, defended and re-enforced. Rob explores the origins of this and why his perspective on orthodoxy has changed. The slides Rob uses can be found at the bottom of this blog.

Rob agrees with the detective in Minority Report in that orthodoxy is always flawed. In this clip, one of the creators of the Pre-crime experiment acknowledges that there are inconsistencies or minority reports that have occurred in this apparently perfect system.

"I break tradition, sometimes my tries are outside the lines. We've been conditioned to not make mistakes but I can't live that way."

Rob talks through a powerful example of why questioning the status quo of accepted orthodoxy is so important. Are we willing to read all of our minority reports?

As the movie ends we see how fighting against corrupt orthodoxy can lead to a path of peace and harmony.

The author Peter Enns once said "Church is too often the most risky place to be spiritually honest." Rob reflects on the work that may be left to do in making space for diverse thought, and presents the idea of Universalism as an example of a minority report that has been criticized and rejected, but may be worth consideration.

Rob Bell was selling out theatres as a Christian speaker, until he released the book Love Wins, which explores the theory of Universalism. In this clip from the documentary The Heretic, he recalls the experience that followed.

"When you ask the question, when you go on the journey, when you're filled with curiosity...that IS the tradition."
"Be a seeker of the Truth. Listen when you hear it calling you. You know it's calling you!"

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