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The Power of Three

There is a power in the number three!

Pythagorus considered the number 3 to be the perfect number and life is full of threes: Birth, life and death,

Beginning, middle and end,

Morning, noon and night.

This morning Clare explores the power of three and how it can help us understand ourselves and engage in the divine dance of life.

Clare explores the power of three in the context of what some call a 'human trinity'. She wonders how the Id, Ego and Super-ego can help us understand ourselves better. Clare also shares how she's been recently inspired by Anth's lockdown talks. You can find them here: Lockdown Talks

"Spirituality is the dynamic opportunity for a new experience." Anth Chapman

In the movieThe Shack, Mack meets diverse expressions of God and starts to see himself and God in new ways. He begins to find healing.

"The first step's the hardest when you're walking into the unknown."

In this clip, Anth Chapman explains the significance of the word Perichoresis and how it can help us understanding the Trinity and the divine dance.

Clare shares how embracing a new understanding of Trinity might need to start with embracing the power of these 3 things: Faith, Hope and Love.

These lyrics by Jason Gray reassure us that endings are just one part of our lives and can be the beginning of a new chapter.

In this clip from The Shack, Mack's "dance with the divine" leads to new life growing from an end to who he had been.

"The end of me is not the enemy, it's where love was always leading me."

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