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The Backdrop

For those of you not familiar with the current 'backdrop' at Q, this message will help to paint a picture. Jenny explores how we all have backdrops that our life - personally and collectively - plays out in front of.

"We have the power to make a wave when we stick together as one. We are the ocean."

In the clip from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, a simple picture becomes an entirely different thing as the static image breaks apart and becomes soaked as part of a new experience.

In Part 1, Jenny presents a hypothesis that we live in a ‘Christ-soaked’ world, and considers the concept of separateness from God and how we might look and update our understanding. The slides used appear at the end of this blog.

In the clip from the film Gattaca, two brothers see who can swim the furthest before turning back.

In part 2, Jenny reflects on how our definitions of valid and invalid may need a review, and wonders about what being ‘born again’ may mean, given this hypothesis.

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