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The Guest House - A Guide to Emotions

Life takes us on a journey of various emotions. It's easy to see some as positive and others as negative, but this morning Clare helped us explore how all emotions can be timely guests in our human experience.

In this clip from Afterlife, the grieving Tony struggles to contain his anger at a meditation class.

Clare introduces a spectrum of emotions and the various ways we can interact with them.

Clare's son, George, reads this passage from the book Bottled.

"It can feel so very lonely, do people even care?

But how can someone help us unless we start to share?

Sometimes it's good to keep things bottled,

We don't have to share it all.

But if we hold everything inside, heavier bottles just might fall.

However, if we share how we're feeling, if we talk to a trusted friend,

If we pour out what was bottled, if we're honest and don't pretend,

Carrying bottles becomes less daunting, things feel a little bit lighter,

When we share how we're feeling, our world starts to look brighter."

"It's the living and the learning, not the finish line, but the journey."

In this scene from Afterlife, Tony shares his thoughts on how a belief about what happens after we die may affect how we live.

Are emotions perceived the same everywhere? Clare explores how diverse our experiences and perspectives of emotions can be and how we might see them differently.

Clare shares her experiences of how categorising emotions as good/bad can create an us/them or in/out dualism which can be damaging and may inhibit our growth.

"I believe in love, though I'm still learning what it is."

As Tony sits with his friend, Anne, she encourages him to embrace his feelings and find hope.

"It's ok to have feelings, you know, things that aren't logical. Science makes us understand how to stay alive longer, feelings give us the reason to want to."

This ancient poem by Rumi explains the title for this week's message.

Inspired by Rumi's poem, Clare finishes by exploring how we can welcome feelings as guests whilst not letting them rule the household and offers some insight into how we establish healthy emotional boundaries.

In this powerful moment from Inside Out, we see how wholeness requires us to embrace a broad spectrum of emotions, giving us a more mature, nuanced life.

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