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When Values Collide

This week at Q we explore what's important to each of us, what we might consider worthwhile and what happens when the values we have collide.

"For some time you've been wondering is there more to life?"

Clare introduces the root meaning of the word Value and invites us to discuss what our values might be and where they came from.

In this clip from the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Nate challenges Andy to think about what she values.

Our Core Values are the things we say we'd like to live by, but Clare explains how they can often be superceded by Default Values which may have been ingrained by our upbringing and experiences.

Many people find their values in religion, but can we have values without religion and won't that result in total chaos if everyone just values whatever they want? Alain de Botton explores these questions.

Jenny asks how we can hold personal values and also operate in authentic communities with shared values.

In this scene from The Devil Wears Prada, Andy is challenged again on the values she holds.

Clare wraps up the morning by sharing how we can evaluate our values and continue to grow and progress in life.

"It's progress not perfection, not arrival, it's direction, it's the living and the learning, not the finish line, but the journey."

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