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What is Church?

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Church"?

This morning Kev leads an exploration into the roots of the word and asks whether it's time for change.

Kev explains how the word Ecclesia has often been interpreted as Church and so has lost the power of its original meaning.

Last week we explored Imposter Syndrome and considered when we'd last left our comfort zones. You can catch up on that here.

Danny broadens this question for us as community, referencing the analogy of Wes Seeliger's book, Western Theology, and inviting us to honestly consider whether we are Pioneers or Settlers. You can read more about this here.

In concluding, Kev asks whether the it might be time for a new expression of ecclesia without the baggage associated with the word "Church".

Kev mentioned some links for further reading on the subject of the church and the ecclesia. We've had some great teaching on this over the years on our journey as a church and much of that has been key to what was talked about this morning, and is linked below.

What were the motivations for the use of the word "Church" in the New Testament? - a blog by M. J. Seymour is an extensive look at translations and culture.

Mischief and made up words - Anth Chapman - A lecture on much of the things that may have been lost in translation. The whole talk is fantastic, but the relevant parts to our discussion on church start at 35 mins.

Church Sucks - Anth Chapman - Another similar talk in a more passionate format! Well worth revisiting.

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