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Introducing The Forum at Q

Inspired by the world-changing coffee houses of the 17th century, Kev, Joel, Clare, Beth and Danny introduce the vision for the next chapter of Q...

Have you got questions? We'd love to hear from you!

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1 Comment

Very exciting! I have just had a thought about the coffee house / "what news have you?" aspect of the forum - what if we had a book swap/borrow/donate section? Like they did in the old coffee houses, bringing a book in to discuss their views on it, we could encourage self development through reading interesting books by having books available to borrow/take/swap? Maybe if someone donated a book they could include some thoughts on it, why it was helpful, agree/disagree etc on a piece paper inside the book or a little sign next to it that people can see when looking at the shelf. If Pillars is getting a revamp it could be an idea to incorporate some kind…

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