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Limitless Endings

Life is full of beginning and endings and this morning Clare helps us explore the best ways of navigating the endings of life.

"The first step's the hardest when you're walking into the unknown."

Limitless is a documentary featuring the actor Chris Hemsworth and follows his journey as he investigates the science of aging and undergoes a unique experiment.

Clare explores the endings and changes we experience throughout our lives.

What endings or changes have you gone through that have felt important? Why were they so significant?

In this scene from the Limitless documentary, Chris Hemsworth meets a man who discovers that an ending can be the beginning of a new chapter of life.

"That's when humans shine, when they come up against a limit."

How much can we trust our memories? Clare engages with the endings we experience and the feelings of nostalgia that we can live with. Are we holding on to memories in unhealthy ways?

Are you guilty of hoarding memories? How do you think you can re-imagine those memories and take them into next?

In this final clip from Limitless, Chris Hemsworth reflects on what he's learnt through the experiment of artificial aging.

"It all matters."

Chris Hemsworth came to the revelation that accepting endings, letting go of unhealthy attachments and re-imagining a life beyond the ultimate ending helps us to see that our whole life is precious.

What are your endings revealing to you and in you?

Clare concluded by sharing this poem by Rebecca del Rio: Come new to this day.

Remove the rigid overcoat of experience,

the notion of knowing,

the beliefs that cloud your vision.

Leave behind the stories of your life.

Spit out the sour taste of unmet expectation.

Let the stale scent of what-ifs waft back into the swamp of your useless fears.

Arrive curious, without the armor of certainty,

the plans and planned results of the life you’ve imagined.

Live the life that chooses you,

new every breath, every blink of your astonished eyes.

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