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We are trapped in history and history is trapped in us.

It is an inescapable fact that we are trapped in history, but many of the problems and insecurities we have, are because history got trapped in us. That’s when, in moments that matter, the echoes of the past become the loudest sound. These sounds are the originator and become the stimulator of negative thinking. Most of us are, in some measure, addicted to negative thinking – it becomes our security and justification. We often see it as positive because it protects us from having to face things we don’t want to face and gives us reason to avoid beginning the journey to change. I get it, it hurts. But, pain that is not transformed becomes pain transmitted. Echo’s only occur where sound hits something hard and flat! I love that the apostle John describes Christ as “the word made flesh living among us”. Flesh is soft. Soft absorbs. Therefore, he is seeking to convey something in his narrative that within the mystery of the Christ, all the echoes of my past are absorbed in the soft flesh of his human incarnation so I can live free to hear a different sound. When you fully embrace the mystery of the ages which is “Christ in you the hope of glory”, you have a permanent, present absorption mechanism which frees your heart and mind from the damaging influences of the echoes of the past and releases the ever present voice of hope from deep within. The glass is only ever half full or half empty when we believe in the existence and limitations of the glass. Once we realise we are one with all things, there is just “life in all its fullness”, as Jesus put it.

Anth Chapman

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