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To Should or Not to Should?

This morning we focused our curiosity on the shoulds we have, where they come from and whether they're helpful or harmful.

"You're all that you could ever be when you're dreaming with your eyes wide open."

Danny introduces the morning and invites us to explore the shoulds we have.

How would you finish the phrase "I should..." or "I shouldn't..."?

Danny explores the connection between our shoulds, what we consider appropriate and what we appropriate from family, friends and culture.

Why do you hold the shoulds that you do and who told you these shoulds?

In the 1950s the German Psychologist, Karen Horney, proposed an idea of where our shoulds come from and suggested that shoulds are tyranny in our lives. Joel revisits this, bringing new questions to the table and explores the idea of our ideal self as well as the role of duty, altruism and the hierarchy of values in our lives.

Danny finishes with a funny example of how our shoulds collide, encouraging us to notice our shoulds this week and get to the truth behind them.

This is the song Danny sang to finish, Moment of Truth, from the movie Smallfoot.

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