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The World's Your Oyster

We love to use metaphors and analogies that can help us discuss the mysteries of life. Today we explore the phrase "The world is my oyster."

Last week at Q Kev introduced us to the Japanese custom of Shisa Kanko and Danny explains how we're going to put that idea into practise today.

What do you think The World is Your Oyster means?

Danny explains the most commonly accepted meaning of this phrase and invites us to consider the obstacles we might face in having this optimistic perspective. What role might faith play in enabling us to see the world as our oyster?

The phrase The World is Your Oyster originally comes from William Shakespeare's play, The Merry Wives of Windsor and the meaning raises some relevant questions for us.

Danny shares some thoughts inspired by the original meaning of the phrase.

"Is the world my oyster because it requires force to get what we want in life?"

This documentary clip briefly shows how and why oysters create pearls.

The process of an oyster forming a pearl is a beautiful example of how the wounds, uninvited irritations and things that just get under our skin, can be the beginning of a beautifully productive process, if we're willing to persevere and allow the love that is in us to be drawn out.

Jim Carrey introduces the metaphor of personalities being like pearls, formed around our core fears.

Danny shares how the pearls of our personalities can be both precious and problematic.

"What are the precious pearls of your personality and how can your personality be problematic?"

Do you like oysters?! Joel shares a story about opening oysters and how we can set a culture of celebrating each other.

What'd you understanding of the phrase The World is Your Oyster?

We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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