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The Emperor's New Clothes

There is a saying that those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it, and having found freedom in our lives, many of us can find ourselves settling for the limitations of the past. This morning Joel led us in exploring why we do this and brought some important lessons from 3 powerful stories. Clare introduces and reads the first of these stories about a group of monks that were transformed by a new understanding.

"You're all that you could ever be when you're dreaming with your eyes wide open."

After the death of his father, Simba runs away from The Pride Lands and surrenders his inheritance and responsibility as the king to his Uncle Scar. In this scene Simba is invited to look hard at himself, deal with the past and remember who he really is.

Reflecting on these two stories, Joel speaks about how we too have forgotten who we are as the gospel message has been distorted and how we might take our place in The Circle of Christ.

At the time of Jesus' death, there was a curtain in the temple that separated the common people from the holy place, where they believed God lived. At the moment of Jesus' death, it is said that this curtain tore in two, revealing that God wasn't behind the curtain at all. A similar lie was believed in this famous story of The Emperor's New Clothes...

Joel explains how we often fall for The Sunk Cost Fallacy, being unwilling to abandon untrue beliefs because we've invested so much into them. He explains how history will repeat itself and we will lose the freedom we have found unless we answers some important questions.

Where is your sunk cost?

What curtain are you stitching up?

What has called out your nakedness?

What history is stopping you finding your rightful place in The Circle of Christ?

Which part of your history do you find most difficult?

Is it even true or have you/others mistaught the story?

Will you get curious about it, reason with it and wrestle with it?

Whilst a static temple with a rigid structure might provide security, we are called to live as pioneers in tents, ready to move, willing to change and open to learn.

Nothing separates us from God because we are Christ in the world, right now.

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