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Holey Q or Wholly Q?

This week, Jenny shared where she sees Q at this time, now eight months beyond Anth’s retirement. She used clips from Apollo 13 and a series of pictures to talk through how Q may well have a few holes to fill if we are to venture out again, with precision and strength as an ice breaker. We also heard about some very real challenges. What happens when you know what the quest was but there are barriers to achieving it now? Do you dig in? Consider a change in purpose? Abandon the quest?

What we hold as valuable we will cling to. What is peripheral we will let go of willingly.

Q has a home song.

What might we need to keep singing it?

Jenny outlines some considerations for our icebreaking community.

These are the images of the icebreaker that Kev drew for Jenny...

In this second clip from Apollo 13 we hear a story of how in the darkest moments of life, we can discover direction as we try to find our way home.

"It's in the darkest night that we start to see the light."

Jenny continues to explore the question: What happens next?

"Q embraces a spirit of adventure in which you know how to apply a cutting edge, Christ-centred approach to wherever you live in the moments of your life."

Change is inevitable, but can and shall we hold fast to the sound in whatever form Q takes next?

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