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Q Revisited: Status Quo or Status Quest?

This morning we revisited a significant message from our Legacy and considered its significance in how we move forward as a community.

This news story follows the team who discovered Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance, that sunk in the Antarctic in 1915.

In one of his final messages before retiring, Anth reflects on the story of Ernest Shackleton's ships and the Old Testament story of Terah and Haran.

In this clip from the movie, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Sir Walter Raleigh describes the experience of searching for new worlds.

Anth reflects on Sir Walter Raleigh's words about discovering new lands and how we might need to overcome fear and embrace hope in order to make the journey out of the safety of the harbour of certainty and familiarity and into the wide open seas of faith, hope and love.

"A new world calls me to a promise, a new world waits for my reply, a new world whispers in the shadows "Time to Fly!""

Many years ago Anth had a vivid dream that resulted in a journey to Barcelona and a fresh vision for who we were to be and what we were to build as a community.

This video simulates how the Sagrada Familia cathedral might look once it's complete.

Having watched the video of the finished cathedral, Anth asks the question "Is what we're building ever meant to be finished?"

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