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The Divine Feminine

With International Women's Day and Mothering Sunday falling this week, we celebrated femininity with a morning exploring goddesses, women from the bible and the ladies we admire from history.

Joel opened the morning with a fascinating exploration of Goddesses and Cancel Culture which contains some fantastic insights for which we've dedicated a blog that you can read here.

"A life that's full of wonder is a wonderful life."

Bouncing off the lyrics of the opening song, Danny engages with the meaning of admiration before inviting us to discuss the women we admire.

Many people have posed the idea that "God made man in his image and man returned the favour." Reflecting on this idea, Danny presents a question for discussion, to help us consider the values and expectations that our current society proposes for women.

"If we were to create a 21st century goddess, that represents the value of society in 2024… what values and ideals would they be the goddess of?”

Kev shares what he's learnt about the controversial character of Mary Magdalene and the many accounts of Jesus' life that aren't included in the conventional edit of The Bible.

Powerful women share their views of what power means.

Clare shares insights into feminine energy and powerful women.

"Embrace your feminine energy, making sure your curiosity is what drives you and not your perceived, limited expectations. Then you can live a free life."

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