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Is the Bible on the move?

Is the Christ story defined by and limited to one collection of books or is it even bigger than that? How does bible interpretation require us to be living, active, moving, not fixed and static? In these talks, we do not discredit the bible as important for our spiritual growth; we believe it has even more to say to us when we read it critically, with an awareness of its context and the context we bring.

This educational video explains the meaning of the idiom "The shoe is on the other foot."

Children are taught to read critically at school from age 4, to not accept any text at face value, but to ask important questions about how a story or event might be understood, and the variety of conclusions we might come to from it.

This same approach can be adopted in the way we read The Bible, so that we learn to understand that there's always more to be understood and new perspectives to explore.

This tongue-in-cheek clip sees Philomena Cunk exploring the world of philosophy and demonstrates how there might well be interesting new ways of expressing old ideas!

Part of the process of reading critically is accepting that our first impression isn't the whole picture and that we see the world through a certain lens because of our upbringing, culture and experiences. Jenny explores some examples of how the same thing can be understood in different ways.

What is your understanding of freedom? This short clip offers a fresh perspective from the American pioneers.

Jenny embraces this freedom, considering the story of ‘The Prodigal Son’ with a critical eye, and shows how a few questions can reveal some nuance and unexplored avenues of thought that we might be missing.

This view of an iceberg is a beautiful example of how there's more to see than a simple surface-level understanding of life. Breaking free from the ice in our life that keeps us stuck might well require us to go a little deeper than we're used to.

"If I'm certain of what I see, I might forget to question the ice below the surface in my life."

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