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Is My Jesus Leading Me Up The Garden Path?

This week at Q we explored the vast concept of Truth and how we understand it.

But first, here's this week's welcome video with some important announcements for upcoming events.

Every week at Q we explore concepts that will help us get free, stay free and grow so that we don't get stuck in the past.

"We've got liberty. You owe it to yourself to check it out!"

This clip is taken from the movie The Invention of Lying and demonstrates what the world might be like if we all said what we thought was true without a filter!

We all hold different beliefs about what is true about people, situations and the nature of reality. We have a tendency to believe that our concept of what is true is the whole truth, but Jenny shares a story about how making decisions with faulty assumptions can have significant consequences.

"Our truth is not always the truth."

Jesus claimed to be The Truth, however if we have flawed assumptions about who Jesus is, then is our Jesus leading us up the garden path?

In this clip from the movie Smallfoot, the chief of the Bigfoot village reveals how their society is built on lies that are taught as truths in order to protect the community.

"What's true or not true is in the eye of the beholder."
"It's time to turn the pages."

In the clip from Smallfoot we hear the line "Let it lie..."

Is it possible that we are allowing things that are not true to perpetuate because we don't want to deal with, face or acknowledge untruths in our lives and would rather just let it lie?

Jenny shares some fascinating stories about how different cultures perceive truth and takes us through the evolution of truth in the history of civilisation.

"We pride ourselves on being right, we all have wars we love to fight, but when the battle's over who is better off?"

You may be thinking "But isn't truth subjective?"

This video engages with the idea that some things can be true for you and not true for me.

In wrapping up, Jenny gives us some questions to ask ourselves that will reveal if we're genuinely seeking truth or simply settling for a comfortable compromise.

"Most people who hold to the idea that there's only one way of seeing things usually believe they are in posession of the one way of seeing things, which seems very convenient to me!"

Here at Q we seek to ask questions, to live life conscious and awake to what we believe and want to be truth-seekers and not truth-clingers. Perhaps as we continue on this journey, truth will find us.

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