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From Corkscrews to Consciousness - What's Your Lens?

This morning, five members of our Qmunity help us consider consciousness, the corkscrew of life and the lenses through which we see the world.

This incredible artwork by French artist Vaskange demonstrates how there are unseen possibilities that we might be currently unaware of.

"Most of us lead far more meaningful lives than we know. Often finding meaning is not about doing things differently; it is about seeing familiar things in new ways." Rachel Naomi Remen

In 2018, 12 boys and their football coach were trapped in a cave in Thailand. In this clip we join the story as thousands of people work together to try and rescue them.

Beth shares how she embraces that there are things to learn within modern-day parables, such as the movie Thirteen Lives, as well as from the bible. She shares how she was inspired by the film, and some of the questions it raised for her.

This clip from the series This Is Us shows how three siblings who grew up in the same family each view their upbringing through a very different lens.

Kelly invites us to question the lens through which we're looking at life and shares what she's learnt about how she's seen the world.

Recently, Kev's been inspired by the author Tom Campbell's Big T.O.E! The book My Big Toe explains the NASA nuclear physicist's Big Theory Of Everything and Kev explains three significant thoughts from it.

"There's an ocean of pure vibrant consciousness inside each one of us."
"We have the power to make a wave when we move together as one."

Jenny wraps up the morning with 5 summarising thoughts for us to consider, based on what we've heard.

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