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Everything is Sound

We often use metaphors when talking about life because some things can't be empirically defined: You can't give me a litre of love or a pint of perseverance, so instead we say "Love is like..." and use stories, parables and examples to help us understand how life works.

This morning we used the metaphor of music and how each of us are like sound waves in an ocean of vibrations. Learning lessons from how musical sound waves interact can help us learn something about ourselves, because everything in the world is vibrating and so everything is sound.

Have you ever said "I'm incompatible with that person, we're on completely different wavelengths!"? Whilst explaining how different musical notes can work together, Danny invites us to discover what we each have in common.

These two supposed enemies discover that they have more in common that they first thought.

The internet is full of compilations of the beautiful moments when deaf people hear sound for the first time. This father of four has the opposite experience...

In a busy, demanding world, it can be a challenge to stop. Danny explains that to find the rhythm of life, we need to introduce rest...

Like many of us, Sheldon can't stand things that are unresolved, so his girlfriend tries to help!

If we want to live a life of harmony then we have to embrace two essential components: Dissonance and Resolution.

Chris has a funny anecdote about how dissonance certainly gets people's attention!

The Hebrew name for God was literally the sound we make when breathing. Embrace the truth that this is the sound flowing through you right now and engage faith to know that however unresolved life may seem, everything is sound.

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