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Empty Your Wagon or Stay Where You Are

In this week’s inspiring message you will hear about Christ, the vision of the whole; fear as a motivating ingredient that stops us embracing more than one string to our fiddle; and the unromanticised life of a pioneer spirit, which must empty the wagon of old identities and beliefs in order to truly live a Christ-following life with people, not just from a briefcase of facts.

It's easy to lose the bigger picture in the details of life, but taking a step back gives us a new perspective.

This picture mosaic demonstrates a perspective of how one thing, for example Jesus, can be made up of multiple elements.

Chris reflects on the bigger picture and the detail of life, and the dynamics of dealing with each.

"I've been in the church since I was born but I've only truly lived in the last 20 years."

In this clip from Friends, Phoebe challenges Ross's need to convince people to agree with him.

Chris shares how fear is a powerful influence behind many of our decisions and explains how narratives, both in religion and in the wider world, can follow the same fear-driven, controlling pattern:

"The world's going to end, we're all going to die, you need this..."

This gritty clip from the series 1883 shows the harrowing decision that pioneers had to make when crossing a river on their way to Oregon. Were they willing to leave behind what they treasured and who they thought they were, in order to get where they said they wanted to go?

Chris invites us to ask ourselves what we might need to leave behind to continue to be pioneers on a quest.

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