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Discussion Week

This week we revisited four recent messages and discussed questions that they raised.

Rob brought us a message about the Liminal Spaces we face in life. These are the times we find ourselves in when we've left behind something but haven't yet arrived at whatever is next for us.

We watched this brief summary of Rob's message.

Having watched this we then chatted through these questions. What are your thoughts?

In the next section we revisited Anth's message about how our Perspective can influence our Perception. Check out the original message here.

Check out this summary as Anth explains how defending our point of view and our accumulated beliefs can affect our faith.

How would you answer these questions?

Last week, Joel brought a message about the concept of Original Sin, inviting us to consider if it's the original story of Christianity or a distortion of the original message.

Anth and Clare share their thoughts on the sound of Q and what's next for us as a community.

We finished by asking "What is the Sound of Q?" We'd love to hear your thoughts on the questions today so let us know by dropping an email to

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