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It's Not The End of The World!

For thousands of years people have been predicting an imminent apocalypse and today, Joel and Kev invite us to take a closer look at this apocalyptic thinking and how important it is for us to be aware of it in the world around us.

In this scene from Madam Secretary, we see a classic example of apocalyptic thinking.

The book of Revelation is often quoted as a prophetic prediction of the end of the world and so Joel helps us understand the historic context of the idea of apocalypse and why this fascinating book might not be the end-times forecast that many have feared.

In this episode from The Simpsons, the family watch the apocalyptic movie, Left Below!

Kev takes us on a tour of history to show how predictions of the end of the world are nothing new and highlights how they're still being predicted today.

In this scene from Madam President, we hear some sound advice for those who fear the end of the world.

Joel digs down to the root of the issue and helps us consider how we might process the predictions of the apocalypse with some important questions:

  • Did you believe any of the failed doomsday predictions of the past? Do you still believe in any? How is that making you feel?

  • In your belief, whether religious or not, do you ever consider objections to the narrative?

  • Do you want predictions to be true because they support your current belief system, or not want to face that they weren't true?

  • Have your views of the world become apocalyptic in order to make sense of it all?

  • Have you become imprisoned by your own ideology?

  • Through what lens do you view the world? Benevolent and good with problems that can be fixed with reasoning and human ingenuity or malevolent and evil, with a fundamental feeling of hopelessness?

This advert demonstrates how fearfully avoiding reality might mean we miss out on something great!

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