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The Secret Ingredient is YOU!

In our last week at Q, we heard about ‘what you see is what you see’. It may be equally true that when you see is when you see. A realisation comes at some moments in our lives that we just did not see before, and we are not sure how we missed it!

In this clip from Kung Fu Panda, Po realises that the magical power he's been looking for is closer than he realises.

Po the Panda had a story that he'd been telling himself: That in order for him to fulfil his destiny and become The Dragon Warrior he needed some kind of magical outside force to complete him. The power of The Dragon Scroll was that it revealed the truth: There is no secret ingredient!

Across the talks in this blog, Jenny shares how she had a similar story that she told herself about a certain magical power that would fix everything in her life and how she started to ask questions and see things differently.

It sometimes takes someone else to show us the areas we need to let go and grow, as Leslie learns in this clip from Parks and Recreation.

"When we need to recover, we need to lean on each other."

Our lives revolve around the stories we tell ourselves. Jenny reflects on her own story and invites us to ask some important questions to consider what ours might be.

Emotions run high in this clip from The Last Kingdom, when Uhtred interrupts a church service and disturbs the peace to reveal the truth.

"I have heaven here at hand, 'cause who you are I am."

Sometimes the truth is too much for people to accept and helping someone embrace it might take a new strategy as these characters concluded in Stranger Things.

A particularly difficult time in Jenny's life led her to a conversation in which someone kindly watered down the harsh truth to make it easier for her to accept. Jenny tells this story whilst offering us to chance to invite a powerful being into our lives...

"We have the power to make a wave, when we move together as one."

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