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The Living Sound

We are making a sound as individuals and as a Q community. This morning, Clare explored the kind of sound we want to be making and how we might make that a living reality.

In this clip from the movie Horton hears a Who, the residents of Wholeville live on a tiny speck and are destined for destruction until they make a sound that can't be ignored.

In a clip from a previous message, Anth outlines three things that are key to the sound of Q.

Clare shares her thoughts on the sound of our lives and the liminal spaces we find ourselves in.

"God is not a noun to be discovered but a verb to be lived."

"Threat" is a word with many negative associations, but Clare highlights how the sound of truth often threatens our status quo and this discomfort needs to be engaged with as it can help us evolve.

A First-Aider will tell you that when someone is unconscious, they're not awake or aware of what's going on around them. When we talk about consciousness in a spiritual sense we're speaking about the state of our hearts being awake. Religion points us towards a conscience rather than being conscious but our conscience will only ever keep us connected to the past, to the known and to the established security of the status quo.

Just like Dr Stone, if we are to remain conscious, we may need to detach.

The lyrics of this song reflect the heart of the sound of Q...

"It's progress, not perfection, not arrival, it's direction, it's the living and the learning, not the finish line but the journey."

In the movie Gravity Dr Stone must break the atmosphere to return home to Earth.

Clare shares how her relationship with Jesus has been redefined and how to gain momentum as a house we need to engage in genuine community.

Jesus said to his followers "Blessed are your ears because they hear, for truly I tell you many prophets and righteous people long to see what you see but did not see it and to hear what you hear but did not hear it."

May we too hear the sound that wakes us up to reality, gets us moving and helps us evolve.

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