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QRevisited - The Domino Effect

Consider the dominoes of your life...

This week we revisited this powerful message that Anth brought in June 2021.

The Domino Effect affects everything we line up with careful precision in the hope of some permanence and certainty, in the hope that what we line up and stand up will never fall.

In the movie Collateral Beauty, we meet Howard, who experiences the domino effect when tragedy strikes his life.

"Is lining up the dominoes of your life in some perceived order, really going to create the outcome you hope for or heal the pain that their placement was meant to end?"

Who is Jesus?

For many people, Jesus is just another convenient domino, added on to their ordered life. But if you read the gospels you'll see that Jesus was The Domino Pusher: The Catalyst for Chaos and Catastrophe! And as the Genesis story shows us, Chaos and Catastrophe are the beginnings of creation.

What are the dominoes in your life?

The dominoes we're often most protective of are our core, developed, accepted beliefs.

The familiar narrative we live our life by needs to continue to grow and evolve if we are to develop and live in freedom. Failing to let our dominoes of belief fall and change will lead to us being closed off to any story other than our own and leave us prone to prejudice and discrimination.

"Faith is what we find when our dominoes begin to fall."
"Culture is a kaleidoscope of people with different experiences and stories to tell and has been throughout history."

We love to think that our beliefs are the only truth, but Jesus promised that the Christ Spirit will lead us into ALL truth, so rather than trying to get all our dominoes lined up, we need to find the Christ within us that will hold all things together when the dominoes begin to fall.

Here at Q we're all about pushing dominoes and asking questions. Like the dominoes in the Robots clip, some dominoes are bigger than others! Let's continue to ask the big questions and push the big dominoes so that we can continue to find freedom, be a full expression of love and live our lives to the full.

Faith is what happens when our established beliefs run aground, so as your dominoes start to fall, may you surf the waves of change and land on the new shores of a new reality.

"It's not the time for adding Jesus, it's the time to discover your Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is not the ability to recite a set of words about Jesus or reference to a particular felt experience at some point in life, but the immovable, constant and present awareness of a oneness at work in all things, a belonging that goes way beyond belief, a knowing that cannot be produced by purely academic pursuit. Within that consciousness, even doubt is not destructive and even falling dominoes cannot derail the purpose and potential that is the miracle called you."

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