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Jesus Outside the Walled Garden

This Easter Sunday, Rob explored the man at the centre of the Easter story.

Jenny set the scene with a story that reminds us that ‘home’ is not always what we think it is - adventure calls!

Rob tells us about the discoveries he's found on pilgrimages he's made.

"If that's not the real Jesus, who is?"

This clip from the movie Jesus Christ Superstar theatrically introduces various characters aboard the “Jesus bus”.

Rob explores how our view of Jesus may be at times like a walled-garden, and how considering Jesus in new ways might lead us into some spaces beyond those walls.

Danny sings about how we all love to think we're right and have the last word in any discussion, but that we may never truly have the last word...

Whilst many saw Jesus as a saviour, healer, teacher or friend, to others he was rebellious, revolutionary, a threat and a danger to their carefully protected status-quo.

Rob explains why the religious authorities saw Jesus as such a threat, and wonders how much we are called to emulate the revolutionary spirit that made Jesus so dangerous. What does this mean for us?

A key part of our culture is our curiosity and freedom to wonder about the mysteries of life.

"Feed your intuition, don't leave any stone unturned, be a seeker of the truth, listen when you hear it calling you. You know it's calling you!"

As the cast get back on the bus, the cross remains, inviting the question "Who is Jesus to you?"

Last time Rob spoke he explored the concept of Liminal Space. Jesus' followers were left in a liminal space when he died, and wondered what would happen next. Rob outlines 3 things that will help us engage with Jesus in our liminal spaces as we explore what is next for each of us.

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