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God, The Universe & Everything

Asking questions is a key element of our culture here at Q and this morning Rob helped us explore the nature of God and the potential 'connectedness' of the universe: our perspectives on such things could change how we see everything!

A few weeks ago, Kev explored a range of topics including consciousness and manifestation, inviting us to experiment with one particular idea involving ladders, which Rob refers to in his introduction. If you missed Kev's talk, you can find it here: I think therefore I Am?

In this clip from the movie i origins, Sophie invites Ian to open his mind to the possibility of a spiritual dimension.

Rob explains how the discoveries of Quantum Science might affect how we understand the mysteries of the divine.

In another scene from i origins, Ian starts to see the number eleven in all sorts of places.

Rob invites us to consider synchronicity, faith and the law of attraction ~ what do any of these add to, or take away from, the conversation?

In this scene from i origins, Sophie explains to Ian that there are dimensions he's yet to experience.

Rob highlights some mind-boggling bible verses related to the nature of God.

As we explore these mysteries, we may never find definite answers but at Q we'd rather have questions that we can't answer than answers that can't be questioned.

We continue our quest...

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