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I think, therefore I Am?

Sunday 10th sept

Beth began this morning with a story to get us thinking about the pattern we may keep falling into, and our potential part to play in changing that pattern.

Kev continues his line of thought from a few weeks ago (here) and shares more of his ongoing and emerging quest towards wonder, a joy that overcomes and a richer understanding of who or what God truly is.

He explores such questions as:

  • What part does our conscious and subconscious mind play in causing us to be a creator of our own environment?

  • How do we see new things manifest in our life, and what do some theologians and scientists have to say about this?

  • We may pray. We may imagine. How do we revisit these concepts and rituals to change the programming where it may need a fresh look?

Jenny closes by reflecting on some of what she has heard Kev say related to prayer and imagination.

‘When the dust clears and in the quiet of your own heart, what kind of God do you believe in, really?’

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