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God, Guilt & The Unseen Observer

We began this morning with a video created 6 years ago to summarise our approach to life and faith at that point in time. It's interesting to consider which elements of the video still resonate with us and which we see differently now. What do you think?

Jenny reflects on the recent Summer Showcase and introduces 3 different ways of understanding God.

Danny asks a question to introduce the song A Million Colours:

"What is the opposite of Black and White?"
"Maybe we'll see change the day we change the way we see."

Ruth is part of our QKids team and gives us some insight into what the kids have been learning about on Sunday mornings, before sharing her recent experience of guilt and how the kids at Q have been helping her grow.

We've spoken a lot recently about the importance of being spiritually awake. This news story shows the footage of a skydiver getting the shock of his life when he passes out and then becomes conscious again!

It's easy to sleepwalk our way through life and Danny explores how becoming more aware of things around us and within us can help us live more fully.

In this clip from the series Fleabag, we see how the central character becomes conscious of their dysfunctional relationship with the unseen observer.

Danny asks whether we too might have a dysfunctional relationship with our unseen observer and whether our faith is enabling us to disconnect from the present or equipping us to engage more fully with the world around us.

"Every wound here is the place to start the healing of a broken heart."

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