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Essence and Expression

Drawing on inspiration from Plato, Alice in Wonderland and Quantum Physics, Rob led a discussion around the potential 'essence' and expressions of our community, posing timely questions for us to consider.

Jenny sets the scene for our discussions, inviting us to listen and daring us to be open and honest.

Rob introduces us to the angry white rabbit he's intending to rehabilitate!

Alice meets the Cheshire Cat in Wonderland.

Referencing Greek philosophy, Rob invites us to consider the distinction between the essence and expressions of things and how this might apply to our community.

Rob leads us in considering what the essence and expressions of Q might be.

Rob concludes with the thought that the essence of who we are will always find expressions.

Alice enters Wonderland...

Rob will be back in two weeks to continue a journey down the rabbit hole and further into Wonder-land!

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