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Doubt, Faith and a Noble Quest

We've had some great thoughts shared over the past month at Q and this week we reflected on what has been inspiring us.

Sometimes in life it can be frustratingly hard to connect, as this clip hilariously demonstrates!

Last week Rob brought a great message about Liminal Spaces and how in the transitional seasons of life we have a variety of options in front of us. Jenny encourages us to step out of our certainties and explore the possibilities of life.

This video shows some of the highlights from the past month.

We were introduced to a new song this morning from Jason Gray that really reflects the sound of our current season.

"It's progress, not perfection, not arrival, it's direction, it's the living and the learning, not the finish line but the journey."

Danny shares how Jenny's message on the 4 Stages of Faith has helped him see the role of doubt in his journey of faith and how there are new possibilities ahead.

"From doubting comes discovery. Doubting is a thinker's best friend." Nancy Cline

Kev uses a unique multimedia tool to share what's inspired him over the past month. If you'd like to explore the files Kev shares on the screen then you can find them here.

Inspired by Rob's recent message on Liminal Spaces, we asked our kids one question: "What's Next?"

Joel wraps up the morning with an invitation to a noble quest.

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