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The Four Stages of Faith: Re-Wild God

It can be easily observed that the pursuit and expression of our faith may take on different forms at various stages in our lives. Can these stages be observed and understood in ways that help us take on new dimensions to our faith, in the same way that a tree adds rings over time?

This message draws on thinking from writers such as Brian McLaren and Richard Rohr to question the earlier structures to our faith that may support us well for a time, but then fall short.

This message will challenge you, if you let it, but there is great beauty to be found within and beyond any perplexity, when we keep walking.

"Take the world and redefine it, leave behind your narrow mind, you'll never be the same."

In this first clip, a man is being celebrated for his achievement in building a great structure.

Danny brings a song that explores what faith is and how it goes beyond our beliefs.

"What we think we know is just the beginning."

In this next clip, Greg follows the rules. Then he is left wondering why these rules are necessary, as are we!

In part 2, Jenny outlines the approach to faith that follows instructions; a second stage that solves complexity through pragmatic thinking and the challenge and wonder of stage 3: perplexity:

· What happens when we can’t solve the issues of our faith life in 5 easy steps?

· What happens when being sensible is foolish and practical realism turns a blind eye to theoretical considerations that have great weight and should not be ruled out?

· What happens when you start to think that you are becoming highly effective at your 5-point plans, and yet it all feels a bit pointless.

“You’re winning at a game that you’re not sure you want to even be playing! What’s it all for?”
“Which beliefs do you depend on believing?”

This next clip from Moana captures the spirit of this message: there is a line to cross beyond the current horizons we see.

In this final part, Jenny shares a picture of faith when seen as a window through which we genuinely look to see, not to hold onto beliefs. There is great blessing here and we are on our way to harmony – not a harmony that has found our own ways to ‘win’, but the harmony of an integrated life.

In this final clip from the film ‘Wild’, we are left with a powerful thought:

“My life, like all lives, mysterious, irrevocable and sacred. So very close. So very present. So very belonging to me. How wild it was to let it be.”
"A life that's full of wonder is a wonderful life."

These are some of the slides Jenny used...

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