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Cut, Print, Moving On. Thanks for Believing!

Today marked the end of an era as Anth and Chris Chapman retire from leading our community. We're so grateful for where they've led us to and excited to explore the next chapter of our journey as Q.

Can you feel a brand new day?

The spirit of our community is embodied beautifully in the story of Chicken Run, in which a group of chickens are led to freedom by an unconventional leader with a spirit of faith.

Chris reflects on a lifetime of serving our people.

Fowler is the oldest chicken in the Chicken Run movie and after spending years talking about "back in my day" is challenged by Ginger that TODAY is his day. As he steps up to take responsibility, he flies them to freedom!

The analogy of Pioneer theology vs Settler theology is an essential element of our DNA here at Q, as is the Unconventional spirit of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, designed by Antoni Gaudi.

As one chapter ends and another begins, the sword is passed on, just like in this moment from the movie, Hook.

Jenny outlines what is important to bear in mind as we navigate the road ahead.

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