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What's on your Mind?

Welcome to Q. Today we explored how our thoughts can shape our lives, so, what's on your mind today?

Young Sheldon is a sitcom that follows the development of a unique character: Sheldon Cooper. In this scene, Sheldon's mother struggles to reconcile the love for her son with his resistance to her religious beliefs.

Jenny introduces the theme for this morning, as we explore how the thoughts we choose, determine the beliefs we hold, which set the course for the choices we make. If it's possible to change our thoughts then how we experience our life could be transformed.

In the movie Frozen we meet a royal family with two princesses: Elsa and Anna. When Elsa's icy, magical powers accidentally hurt Anna, the family must choose how to navigate their fears for the future. This leads to Elsa hiding her true thoughts and feelings away, disconnecting her from a relationship with her sister.

After 18 years living as a Buddhist monk, Bjorn Lindeblad's key insight will make you think!

"I no longer believe in everything I think." Bjorn Lindeblad

Our thoughts are powerful and Ruth shares how learning to think differently has helped her deal with anxiety and connect with her true inner being. She leads us to engage in a process that helps us consider who we think we are, and identify the "choice points" in our life.

"You are not your thoughts and you have the power to choose them."

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In this clip, Sheldon's mother is delighted that he's decided to research religion, until she realises that his thoughts are branching beyond her beliefs!

Sheldon's mother decided that her love for her son was more important than trying to convince him to think the way she thought. Here at Q we want to be a community that embodies this spirit, encouraging each other to question our thoughts and beliefs. We don't have to conform to a belief system or a particular process of thinking to be accepted and loved and will inspire each other to continue the journey of curiosity and growth.

"Forgiveness means giving up the hope that the past could have been any different."

No matter what you believe or think, we want to be there to walk through your process of growth with you, so please stay in touch and let us know your thoughts from this week's content.

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