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Welcome to 2020!

Know what’s important about this being the last day/first day of the year/decade?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

If you are not living in and for the moment, all promises and most expectations will simply fall to the ground and melt like snow. Beautiful to behold but soon gone. Often, in a slushy mess.

If you live each day in the full knowledge of your oneness with the creator, each moment will hold within it the opportunity and potential that make all things possible. When all is stripped back, only three things matter for the contentment of the human soul:

Faith, Hope and Love.

These all happen internally but their effect when fully present cannot be contained within.

They seep out into our world and make it better, maybe even heal it in some way.

Faith is the inner conviction that all will be well and, in the context of the divine presence, fully accepting that I am fully accepted.

Hope is the confident expectation that the last word has not yet been spoken.

Love removes the “if” and replaces it with is, are, have, am... as it is not earned but received and given.

The road may be long and winding, but if you will walk it embracing every moment and allowing that moment to be immersed in faith, hope and love, it will lead you home.

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