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Trays on the Dishwasher! - Highlights from Our House - Sunday 18th April 2021

As we journey through life and the experiences that come our way, it's easy to accumulate baggage and this weight can slow us down and stop us from living our best life.

Today we explored how we can throw off this weight that holds us back.

Danny brought a song that explores what Faith is or isn't and how perhaps Faith goes beyond belief...

Forrest Gump was told that his legs were strong, but his back was as crooked as a question mark! Here at Q we're not afraid of questions, in fact we'd rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.

"Jesus is not the answer, he's the question!"

Forrest Gump had all sorts of reasons to be held back in life, but his story is an inspiration that whatever might have helped to straighten us out at one point, might need to be dismantled for us to run into all that life offers us.

In the Pixar movie Up we meet Carl, who finds that in order to get where he wants to go, he has to let go of the past, as precious as it may have been, and get rid of what was weighing him down.

Connie wrapped up our get together with this incredible performance of Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked.

What is the weight that you need to get rid of in order for you to move forward, grow and defy gravity in your life?

If you need help figuring it out then we're here for you!

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