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Thin Places and Thick People - Highlights from Sunday 23rd May 2021

The ancient Celts spoke of "Thin Places": Those moments when "the kingdom of God" seems closer than ever. Jesus spoke about this kingdom, not as a destination in the sky where we end up after the life, but a state of living and a way of us experiencing this life.

"The kingdom of God, does not come with careful observation, nor will people say here it is or there it is, because the kingdom of God is within you."

Over the last few weeks, we've been exploring faith and how we can live in flow with the kingdom of God.

One definition of a river is a "permanence of flow", which contains within it a paradox of something that is consistently changing! To engage and maintain that flow in our lives requires 4 elements... Faith, Love, Openness and Willingness.

This song explores what faith is and isn't and how it goes way beyond belief. We live in a Universe...Uni-verse...One verse, in which two worlds exist together - heaven and earth! As this song says

"Faith is the eternal, anchored in the now and here."

This clip from Lego Ninjago demonstrates how knowing who we are, empowers us to engage with the flow of the thin place and discover our inner true potential!

The Aboriginal people of Australia talk about how God is "every where and every when". Maybe the whole world is a thin place, but we're too thick to recognise it! What makes us "thick"?

Rather than a lack of intellectual capacity, the reality is that we have become thick with layers of accumulated beliefs. These make us thick and form a barrier keeping us from the thin place.

Religion loves to categorise locations as thin places which leads us to believe that we can only access "heaven" and become our true potential if we go to church, attend the temple or set the right mood with music or liturgy.

The Jewish temple was referred to as "Heaven and Earth" because a thick curtain separated people from the place known as "The Holy of Holies" where God was believed to live.

Anth incredibly reveals how the creation story of Genesis shows us that the world is a temple and that WE are the image of God and the place where heaven and earth live together as one.

We call ourselves human beings but we often treat ourselves as human doings. Whatever we do, whatever we've done, what if WE could be the thin places, every where and every when?

There's a place for us to be those thin places... and it's every where and every when!

We can BE the thin place as we FLOW with Faith, Love, Openness and Willingness.

Let's BE it!

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