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The Value of Self-Esteem

Each week at Q we question the status-quo of our lives so that we can make each day of our lives count. This video shows how we tend to use the time we have and asks "What will you do with the time you have left?"

Did you know that one pomegranate can produce up to 1,000 seeds! Multiplication is a normal part of the natural world, so why couldn't we experience multiplication in our lives too?

"A life that's full of wonder is a wonderful life..."

How do you create a movement? This video of a lone-nut, dancing alone demonstrates the essential ingredients of creating momentum and change.

Creating a movement requires each of us to get unstuck. Jenny explains the process that can help each of us become free.

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculture to discover it. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free." Michaelangelo

Jay Shetty explains how there's a paradox at work in our world and what we need to do if we really want to see change in our world.

In a relay race, each runner is essential in the performance of the whole team. As we carry the baton that has been passed on to us from those we follow, Joel shares how the key to the progress of our lives as individuals and as a community at Q is Self-Esteem, exploring what might be the barriers to our self-esteem and what can help us rediscover it.

"We can continue to be a significant and essential voice in the community if, and only if, we find and/or maintain our self-esteem."

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