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The Naked Truth

Here at Q we believe we are on an icebreaking quest to question the conventional ways we’ve been handed of seeing the world. We are here to explore the extra dimensions of life, that can help us, and others following behind us, to find freedom, express love and come alive!

So Will I is a favourite song for many at Q, including Anth, who feels the lyrics really reflect our quest to explore the mystery of the universe and the power that is within it and behind it.

Anth has some good news and bad news for us as well as some broader wisdom to share on the current Covid crisis.

Life can be brutal and difficult and it's easy to find ourselves broken, shattered and tangled up in our history, our fears and our struggles. But there is a power that can help to heal our pain and deliver a message of life and truth to get our hearts beating again and Joel delivers this message beautifully in this powerful song...

In our quest to be an ice-breaking community, we are searching for truth and celebrating it wherever we find it. Sometimes it seems that we'd rather have a comfortable lie than an inconvenient truth, or as the Jamie Oliver clip that Chris shows might say "We'd rather have the tasty lie than the healthy truth!" If you have weeds in your garden, you'll know that to really get rid of the things we don't want in our gardens, we need to deal with the roots!

This 18th Century painting has a powerful story behind it about the nature of truth and lies in our world. So much of the mess of our lives originates in our failure to distinguish lies dressed up as truth from the naked truth. Truth can be hard to swallow, but it's the only thing that makes us free.

Chris explains the legend behind the painting as she leads us on a quest to break the ice of the lies we've embraced. We're invited to celebrate the Naked Truth that can make us free and help us grow!

Here at Q we are on a quest to get rid of the religious and cultural lies that have held us back and instead to embrace the truth that we are the sacred temple that God lives in! The Christ, the original goodness from which everything has come, is alive in us and as everything else is stripped away, that is the one thing that remains...

What questions has this brought up in you? We'd love to hear from you!

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