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Peach Trees, Party Boats and Being Present - Sunday 17th October

This morning at Q we reviewed some of the themes we've covered over the last 6 weeks and shared how they've helped us in our lives.

This video demonstrates how we can each be part of a bigger picture.

Chris shares how she's been freed to experience life in a completely new way!

This clip from Kung-Fu Panda has an incredibly powerful lesson that is relevant for us all.

Beth shares a hilarious story with an important message about how a trip on a party boat led to her being unable to live in the present.

Danny recalls the message on "Who do you think you are?" and how it's helped him.

As Danny mentioned, consider directing the lyrics of this song towards yourself, can you love yourself unconditionally?

This great video demonstrates how truth is multi-dimensional and why it's important to be open to new perspectives.

Jenny shares the importance of belonging and the challenges of being part of a group whilst also being free individuals.

As Jenny concluded, may we each have a wonderful life!

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