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One Extra Yarp! - Sunday 27th June 2021

As we move towards 30 years of Anth and Chris leading us, this week at Our House we explored what our sound is, how it's evolved and how we are on a quest to help others cross a bridge to join this quest.

Jesus often spoke in parables, referring to the world around him, to share the sound he wanted to communicate. We do the same, using movies, tv shows, songs and images to share the sound we are hearing!

In this clip from Friends, Ross shares his sound!

We no longer believe that there is a great divide between humanity and God. We no longer believe that sin ever separated us from God but rather that our understanding and beliefs left us unconscious of the God that never turns away from us.

When we observe the psychology of humanity we see different types of people.

A rare few of us are innovators, on the cutting edge of new thoughts and initiatives. Inspired by those innovators, about 7.5% of us are early adopters, who take these new ideas and quickly absorb them. The majority of us, however, form the early and late majority, who after a while, realise that the, once strange, ideas of innovators make sense after all and as they're adopted by the majority, the late majority follow the crowd as these ideas begin to become accepted as common sense!

Here at Q we believe we're called to be an ice-breaking innovative community, that can lead others on a quest for truth, as our new logo shows. We're not here to put up walls but to be a temple...we are a bridge to show the way to discover who the divine is and who the divine says we are.

This clip from Horton Hears a Who demonstrates each of these demographics and the dangers of just following the crowd.

Horton Hears a Who - Horton and The Hoard

Anth reflected on how he lived as a middle adopter for years, simply following the image of a god he was handed:

"I never considered that the image I was being exposed to, seemed to behave more like a volatile human with great power than a divine essence of unconditional love. I never questioned the content or the meaning I was given of the book we know as The Bible. I believed that doubt was a destroyer and was taught to defend a dogma rather than engage a conversation."

Without the fear inducing lens of divine punishment and retribution that many who grew up in church saw the world through, Anth reflects that he may have seen something different when looking at this god he was handed.

"I would have been more of the persuasion that the whole show was being run by a genocidal maniac, obsessed with a single tribe, a single nation, apparently commanding and authorising acts of atrocity, ethnic cleansing and land grab in his name, punishing his enemies, ruthless towards those who broke the rules imposed, legitimising murder on the grounds of upholding standards."

Jesus was an innovator who brought a new narrative! Claiming to be the son of God he claimed the very essence of the being of his Father was love.

"Love your enemies; Forgive them; Don't hold things against them; Forgive an innumerable number of times; Include the outcast; Live as one; Treat women, foreigners and slaves the same as yourself; Count them part of you; Don't look for tribal domination; Love God; Fight and resist religious authoritarianism; Lay down your life as opposed to taking life; Live for the kingdom within rather than striving for a kingdom without; Give without looking for something in return; Do to others as you would have them do to you; Let go the distortions of the god you think you know and live like sons of a father I say you have."

Horton Hears a Who - The Whos are Heard!

The Kangaroo in Horton Hears a Who says "If you can't see it, hear it or feel it, I say it doesn't exist!" Just like Horton was trying to convince his people of an unseen world beyond their understanding, we are on a quest to communicate the unseen world and explore that which we might not yet understand.

Three things necessary for us to move forward are: Consciousness, Movement and Evolution. Unfortunately religion has replaced consciousness with conscience, that rooted us in fear. Movement was replaced with banishment, that rooted us in separation. Evolution was replaced with degeneration, so rather than believing we were good people that could grow, we believed we were cursed people who would fall. This rooted us in unworthiness.

It's our intention to reverse this process, on a quest for the awakened hearts of consciousness, the momentum of movement and the adaptation and development of evolution.

The Whos of Whoville were saved by shouting "WE ARE HERE!" They had to make some noise to let people know they were there...and it took one extra YARP from Jo-jo to tip the balance. It's time for us to make some noise and share the good news we've found, to help others find this freedom. May we make this ONE EXTRA YARP to trigger this breakthrough.

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