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My Brother's Keeper

In the ancient story of Cain and Abel, we're faced with the power of acceptance and rejection.

We all want to be accepted and this story shows us that when we aren't, we can easily be one step away from murder!

As we continue our conversations around how to move forward as humanity and as communities, understanding and accepting one another is essential. Anth re-iterates the importance of moving past dualistic and binary ways of thinking, saying:

"If we don’t get free of dualistic, binary thinking we’ll continue to categorise, label and reject each other. You cannot live life effectively whilst locked in this way of thinking.”

Anth re-enforces the importance of this for us as a church and as a community, saying

“Non-dualistic wisdom is just not helpful when you’re trying to form a strong group, clarify first principles or demonstrate that your idea is superior to others’ ideas. It invites you to see things from the place of inner enlightenment, not just the shallow wisdom of outward sentiment.”

In the story of Cain and Abel, two questions are asked:

God asks Cain "Where is your brother?" and Cain asks God "Am I my brother's keeper?"

As Anth speaks, he explains the importance of these questions and encourages us to consider their importance as we continue our quest together.

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