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Maverick - The Barbarian Spirit - Sunday 26th September 2021

If there is one thing that can be said with confidence about the characters portrayed as significant within The Bible's recording of history, it is that most of them, if not all, were mavericks.

A Maverick is a person who thinks and acts in an independent way, behaving differently from the expected norm.

A Maverick is an independent thinker who does not go along with a group or party line.

He or she is a Barbarian – different to the dominant class or group.

You could pick any one of scores of bible characters and their stories and find the label “Maverick” would fit perfectly; from Abraham to David, to Esther, to Deborah, to Jesus, to Mary, to Paul. The bible is full of these men and women who had the barbarian spirit, unafraid of challenging the status quo.

The movie Braveheart chronicles the legend of William Wallace. It is his story and the story of a nation, fighting for their freedom and their identity.

We've recently explored the power of realising that "I AM" is a complete sentence, and the declaration of my completeness as a being. But this is no excuse for passivity. Transformation is not a static experience.

"Change is not a passive process and transformation is not a static occurrence. It requires a crisis to be created and Mavericks will do that!"

Most people will follow the majority over the Maverick, but it's rarely the majority that hold the key for changing the world.

Many of those at the forefront of significant changes in society, have been ridiculed, ignored or persecuted for their unconventional ideas.

Maverick's don't simply fight against the way things are, but have a passion for change and transformation.

"Conformity is the bedrock of control, but it is chaos, not order, that is the force that creates."

Without being a little bit Maverick, the danger is you become either a Pharisee or a submissive slave. Today we're daring you to be different.

This sad scene shows the power of betrayal and the importance of loyalty to a Maverick. This betrayal of a Maverick is something that Jesus experienced when all his disciples left him and denied they even knew him. Mavericks need loyal friends to join their cause and stick together when opposition and difficulty arise.

William Wallace's life was taken from him, but his Maverick, Barbarian spirit endured and inspired his followers to realise his dream of a free Scotland.

Just like the English authorities tried to silence Wallace, the Religious Spirit has tried to silence our Barbarian spirit, but our vision and passion remains: We are unconventional Ice-breakers, Mavericks and Barbarians, on a quest for freedom and life, for us and for all.

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