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Honey, I shrunk The Trinity! - Highlights from Sunday 30th May 2021

Life is more than just matter with movement. Spirit and consciousness are an essential part of this flow, without which we'll never fulfil our potential.

This clip from the movie "Breakthrough"demonstrates how a breakthrough can be made in our lives when we have an openness to the dimension of spirit.

The Christian concept of the trinity describes God as "three persons". Unfortunately our understanding of faith and spirituality has been reduced to a dualistic, two-dimensional worldview based on good vs evil, belief vs non belief, sacred vs secular, heaven vs hell and these have corrupted our understanding of what should be a dynamic, spirit-conscious faith.

When we adopt a dualistic approach to life we leave no room for spirit or an understanding of the power of trinity - we shrink it down to the two realms of Heaven and Earth, God and Man, forgetting the third dimension that holds together the divine dance of the immortal, eternal with our day to day living.

“Dualistic thinking produces more obstacles to the flow of faith than anything else.

The doctrine of the trinity is the antidote to the destructiveness of dualistic thinking."

Like the mother in the Breakthrough movie, we each have a messy story of past experiences that have shaped who we are and how we see the world. The Greek word "Perichoresis" was used by the early church fathers to try and explain the relational nature of trinity. They described it as a sacred dance. The "Choresis" part is where we get our word "Choreography" from.

Before we were even born, we were engaged in this sacred dance, but dualistic thinking has left us performing a survival dance, rather than participate in a sacred dance.

Anth explains how we've shrunk the Trinity, by not appreciating our inclusion within it and fully embracing our participation within the sacred dance.

The trinitarian perspective is an attempt to explain what it is that frees us from the survival dance and it invites us to join the sacred dance.

It gives us the vital third leg of what is a three-legged stool!

Living without the consciousness of spirit and entering into that mutually shared being is like attempting to sit comfortably and stay balanced on a two-legged stool.

You cannot manipulate a miracle but you can submit to a flow.

The trinity is not a noun to be observed, but a verb to be lived, be part of and flow with, so that we become part of this sacred dance!

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