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Highlights from Easter Sunday at QChurch

Let's do this.

We’re back, and this time on Sunday mornings.

After watching the next clip from Madam Secretary, you might ask, why, on this holiest of Christian festivals would you be crazy enough to use a Buddhist practice as the start out for your talk???

Joel and Connie led the team in this powerful version of the song, The Climb.

Anth - Part 1

Nowhere else in nature does an animal construct something as complex and perfect as the Puffer fish. The purpose? Attracting a mate so puffer love can do its thing! This video invites us into what can only be described as the holy week of the Puffer fish!

The transformation that happens when sound hits sand in this next video can be described as nothing less than spectacular, perhaps miraculous!

Anth Part 2

A Buddhist, a puffer fish and a sound engineer walked into a bar……. and said “Jesus! fancy meeting you here”!

Join us next Sunday as we continue our quest or watch more from Q on our Media Page!


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