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Easter Sun-day - What's your story?

This Easter Sunday we explored the origins of Easter, the relevance of the resurrection and the stories we tell ourselves.

The Yeti community from the movie Smallfoot have told themselves a story for generations to explain the mysteries of life and set this story in stones, but there comes a time when the stones must be questioned!

Christmas Day is on 25th December every year and Halloween in on 31st October every year, but why is it Easter Sunday today? Danny shares his thoughts on the significance of the equinox and the importance of questioning the stories we tell ourselves.

The themes of resurrection and the light of the world dying and rising again are not unique to Christianity, in fact, the Christian story may have similarities to many other stories that have been told over the ages. Chris explores some of these and invites us to tell ourselves the best story we possibly can.

When the story that the Yetis have told themselves starts to unravel, they have to consider how they live with a new understanding and an evolving narrative.

"What am I if I'm not the gong ringer?"

When we start to tell ourselves a different story, we have to engage with the struggle of who we are in a new world. Can we be brave enough today to accept that the resurrection we may need will come from recognising that we no longer need to do the equivalent of banging our head against the gong to wake the sun snail, and believe that without our activity or striving or contortion of our personality, that the sun will still rise in our lives?

We will continue to question the stones in our lives, because we don't want to accept a small story or a small god, but want to seek truth and celebrate it wherever we find it.

Whatever story you've told yourself, that you may have set in stone in habits, mindsets or practices, this Easter we invite you to question those stones and tell yourself a better story.

This is the video that Jenny mentioned about how the power of the sun causes the dramatically changing seasons in the North Pole.

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