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30 Years Loved - Highlights from Sunday 4th July 2021

Today we celebrated 30 years of Anth and Chris leading us and the memories made and lives impacted across the globe over those three decades.

When people heard about the approaching 30 years anniversary, video messages started arriving from all over the world and were a huge encouragement to know that the honesty of our journey is making a difference to a great crowd of people across the world.

There is a sound coming from Q that is being heard all over the world. Jenny refers to the message from last week, which you can catch up on here:

Anth reflects on how far we've come over the last three decades and the lessons learnt after leading us for all that time and how 30 years has always marked the start of a new beginning!

"There are 3 ways of seeing the world: Nostalgic, Romantic and Realistic and whilst I'm naturally nostalgic I've felt pulled towards a more realistic outlook."
"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of doubt, I will fear no new information, for you are with me, your rod and your staff they comfort me."

Connie delivers a powerful song from the musical, The Colour Purple, that was so appropriate for the moment as Jenny explains...

"There have been many points in this journey when it's become less about what's best for the success of my ministry and more about what must I do to be faithful to my integrity. One of the things I've discovered over these years is, it so often feels like you can't be safe or secure in your belonging unless you conform."

In case you missed it, Jenny spells out the sound that we're making here at Q.

We have some precious memories of the past 30 years and some painful memories. We've had highs and lows and most importantly we thank God for the present, because after all - That's life!

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