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The Banana Boat, the Owl, the Super Unknown and the Hope of the Tide

We invited members of our Q community to share what's inspired them recently.

This video was shared by Francine as an example of the importance of being brave and following the unconventional leaders who stand out from the crowd.

Beth shares a hilarious story about a banana boat as a reminder that we don't have to conform to the accepted status quo. Beth refers to a great clip from the tv show, Young Sheldon, that we showed a few weeks back. You can find the blog from that week here.

"As we get older our learning process can be affected by our willingness to ask questions."

This musical clip from the Disney movie, Encanto, contains a relevant lyric that means a lot to Beth:

"I'm sick of pretty and I just want true, don't you?"

Jen shares a popular story that she regularly uses with the children she works with: The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. Jen goes on to relate how, just like Plop the owl, she has had to learn not to fear the dark, but value the challenges and opportunities it can bring to learn more about ourselves and grow more resilient along the way.

"Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten." Natasha Bedingfield

Kev loves music and had recently been inspired by this particular song by Soundgarden.

Kev explains why this song has such significance for him and how we might all grow as we too find peace in the Super Unknown.

"If you're all-knowing, it means you're not growing."

This week, our kids were invited to answer the question "What do you think of the dark?" As you'll see, the result is a blend of the hilarious and the perceptive!

This song from the movie Smallfoot expressed how we can find freedom from our fear of the unknown as we step into it together.

Clare shared how darkness reminds her of collateral. Personal tragedy and difficult experiences can bring with them the collateral damage of loss, heartbreak and psychological trauma, but it's important not to miss the collateral beauty in these times. This clip from Castaway poignantly demonstrates this spirit of hope with the final phrase...

"Who knows what the tide might bring in?"

Clare continues to beautifully wrap up the morning's content, weaving the various thoughts together to leave us with the invitation to challenge convention, to not fear the dark seasons of life but instead to embrace life in the super unknown.

Clare explains how the ocean tides are caused by the gravitational forces between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun, which could represent ourselves, the dark and the light.

The forces of light and dark are acting on our lives all the time, and just like in the ocean, these forces can make waves in our lives. Women who are due to give birth are taught something called Ocean Breathing, which teaches them to breathe in and out, just like the waves flow in and out. When the intense labour pains begin, mothers can begin their Ocean Breathing to combat the body's natural adrenalin fuelled, fight or flight tendency.

Life can be painful, especially when change is being birthed and in the same way, when we're feeling the tendency to react to our circumstances, let's embrace the moment, sit with the darkness or light that was comes our way, the unknown and the familiar, and continue to celebrate truth wherever we find it because we never know what the tide might bring.

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