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Still Curious?

The Q in QChurch stands for quest and this morning Kev reminded us that there's no quest without questions and questions require curiosity, so are we still curious?

"The first step's the hardest when you're walking into the unknown."

Kev introduces the idea for this morning, referring to Rob's recent talk, New Ways of Believing, which you can find here.

Produced for the streaming service, Curiosity Stream, this video proposes that The Future belongs to the Curious.

Whilst this video presents many of the advantages of curiosity, Kev invites us to consider the pros and cons of curiosity around our tables.

After sharing our thoughts on these pros and cons, Kev considers why we lose the curiosity of our childhood.

As the lady in this video explains, Jesus is renowned for how many questions he asked, but why did he ask so many questions?

Having appreciated the importance of questions, we all experimented with an exercise in curiosity.

This clip from Whose line is it anyway? is a hilarious example of answering questions with questions.

Nobel prize-winning scientist, Dr Isidor Rabi, attributes his inquisitive mind to a question his mother asked him every day after school. Kev shares his story.

"Judge a man, not by his answers, but by his questions." Voltaire

Kev proposes that one of the catalysts for curiosity is mindfulness.

Comedian, Des Bishop, highlights how for those of us who grew up before the dawn of smart phones, mindfulness was part of daily life.

Kev shares this great quote by Jeff Foster and invites us to participate in an activity of mindfulness.

This is the activity, which you might want to try at home.

This mural is painted on a wall in our building and reflects the heart of Q.

Kev concludes with more questions about how we might continue our quest and also refers to some studies on curiosity which you can explore further here.

Joel wraps up a great morning of curiosity with a song from the Movie Smallfoot, which is a beautiful invitation to continue our quest.

So...are you still curious?

"Feed your intuition, don't leave any stone unturned, be a seeker of the truth...all we are is curious, there's nothing wrong with that...a life that's full of wonder is a wonderful life!"

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